Introducing QtAlchemy!

QtAlchemy is a toolkit to make your relational database come alive in a desktop user interface. QtAlchemy binds the vaunted object-relational power of SQLAlchemy with the time-proven cross platform desktop capabilities of Qt. These technologies are all tied together using the Python programming language and applications can be written building on either Qt bindings - PyQt4 (the default) or PySide.

QtAlchemy provides python decorators to build menu and toolbar structures from collections of commands operating on database query results. It also provides customizable form binding so you can tailor the look-and-feel of your application.

QtAlchemy's uses the SQLAlchemy ORM mappings knowledge to make form-building as smart as possible. It also provides a Python descriptor-based property to build forms from non-persisted properties (or a mixture of persisted and non-persisted).

QtAlchemy has been used in a number of production ready applications: